June 20th Changelog 六月二十日更新目录

Revamped Quartz Mine Drop system (Fixed item wont drop issue) 修复精矿爆率不掉物品 Increased Drop Rate at horse area 提高奔马林 爆率 New Event: Exchange Luck Star, collect each 2000 piece to redeem. 新活动 兑换道具 幸运星 收集各2000个星座碎片兑换 4. Added New Special Body Dragon Mastery III, add 1 luck each level. 新增 炼体  龙首篇之三 提升幸运值 5. Fixed Mob attack animation 修复怪物攻击特效显示错误

June 8th Changelog 六月八日更新目录

Drop Update 爆率更新 Fixed Monster in Quartz Mine that doesn’t drops 修复 精矿 金兽没有爆率问题 Increased Abandoned Town and Quartz Mine drops 提高 僵尸爆率 精矿爆率 Increased drop rate of Flag and Wood 提高 旗子 和 木头 的爆率 Gameplay Changes 游戏内容更新 Anniversary Trophy available in cash shop now 一周年纪念杯可以在商城内获取 Refine Extractor(Armour) changes to only able to extract AC, MR, HP and …

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June 1, 2021 Changelog 6月1日更新目录

Memorial Day Event 陣亡將士紀念日 活动 Collect Wood and Flag to exchange new Horse Armour “Bloody Horse Armour” for 14 days in Event NPC. CTRL+W to check Wood and Flag drop details. 收集“木材”及“旗帜”以换取14日的新马凯“铁血军魂“。Ctrl+W以查询木材及 旗帜 的爆率资料。 Permanent Bloody Horse Armour also available in Cash Shop. Drop Update 爆率更新 Huge increase of Drop Rate in Undersea World and …

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Eden May 16 Changelog

Eden May 16thChangelog Manual Patch Link手动更新 For those who can’t use launcher, u can download it here点击这里下载 Added New Item Type “Belt”增加腰带物品 皮带 Belt 铁腰带 Iron belt 红银腰带 Bronze belt 白金腰带 Platinum belt Added Yurin Forest Map开放桃园地图 茹林川/Yurin Forest LV≥70 (50,73) 与NPC对话进入 Speak with NPC to Enter Yurin forest Map Yurin Forest Drops 桃园掉宝 碧羽战甲(男) …

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November 10 Changelog

November 10Changelog Manual Patch Link For those who can’t use launcher, u can download it here Added New Assassin Skill Assassin skill “Sword of Vengeance” added. https://mir3sea.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Legend-of-Mir-III-SEA-Client-2019-11-09-21-31-30_Trim.mp4 How to get new skill books? – Added “Sword of Vengeance” inside cash shop – Can get books from Monster Uma King Zuma King Black Palace Warlord Jinchon …

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