June 20 Update

June 20Changelog Manual Patch Link For those who can’t use launcher, u can download it here Fixed Weapon Display Assassin Crescent Moon Cry of Fallen display fixed. Cash Shop “Large Tonic of Experience [T]” is now added to become permanent item in cash shop. Added DC Power [T], MC Power [T], AC Power [T] in …

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May 18 Changelog

May 18Changelog Added Wings on Certain Armour Armour of the Sun Keeper, Armour of the Blessed King, Armour of the Blessed Queen, Robes of the Titan Slayer, Armour of the Titan Slayer, Rainments of the Blazing Comet are now having Wing effect. Chinese Game Client Translation Fix Fixed minor translation issue on chinese game client.

March 13 Updates

UpdatesMarch 13 Cash Shop – Added Gold Chest in Cash Shop – Increased Iron Horse Armour, Iron Horse Armour, Gold Horse Armour, Blue Horse Armour, Dark Horse Armour duration from 7 days to 30 days Dev System – Enabled client version checker for both English and Chinese client – Level Cap at 85 Level until …

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