Rules and Regulation 游戏规则

Regular Rules 规则
1. Do not spam text or spells with noticeable effects or use area effect skills in towns if there aren’t already blocked. 不要在任何城市Spam技能或言语。

2. If you have been found to be abusing bugs depending on the severity of the bug you may be banned.

3. No kill stealing. No looting. 不能KS,不能抢劫。

4. Items lost in disconnections will not be replaced, under any circumstances, unless ill reconsider. 如果您在物品掉出时断网,我们不会负责。

5. Do not repeatedly ask for items/gold. Do not deal/party/ally/guild spam anyone. 不要向人索取物品或游戏币。

6. No advertising of any other private servers will be tolerated in game. I will only take action if it is obvious you are doing so, having a general conversation about other server is currently permitted but frowned on. 不允许在服务器内宣传别的服。

7. No trading accounts/items/gold for Real Money (in any currency). This will not be tolerated. No one will help you if you are scammed. 不能用真钱交易任何账号/物品/金币。我们不会负责任何真钱交易。

Accounts 账号

1. You are responsible for the security of your account. Choose a secure password. 您对帐户的安全性负责。选择一个安全密码。
2. Do not give out your username and password to anybody.
3. If you give out your username and password to anyone, you will bear full responsibility for their actions. 如果您向任何人提供用户名和密码,您将对他们的行为负全部责任。
4. We will not be held responsible if someone accesses your account by guessing your username and password. 如果有人通过猜测您的用户名和密码访问您的帐户,我们将不承担任何责任。

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