Eden May 21


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New Update

1. Six Horde, Red Phoenix, Blue Phoenix, Patron saint gold, Patron saint silver is now label as BOSS.
1. 六角魔王 火冥鸟 堕落火冥鸟 守护神金 守护神银 标记为BOSS
2. Tao Garden Map expand to 6 floor. Clear Red Phoenix at third floor, the party will be teleport to forth floor. 6th Floor new BOSS Blue Phoenix.
2.桃园地图扩充为6层地图 第三层击杀 火冥鸟 的队伍将被传送进第四层 第六层新增BOSS 堕落火冥鸟
3. Tao Garden 1st Floor NPC can Purify Polluted Weapon.
Required Item to purify: Hair Follicle Purification x 5000, Crystal x 500, 3x selected Polluted Weapon
Success Rate: 30%
If failed, Hair follicle purification5000, Crystal500, 1 selected Polluted Weapon will be removed
3.桃园地图1层 NPC 可 净化被污染的武器
净化毛囊 x 5000, 结晶 x 500, 对应被污染武器 x 3
失败损失:净化毛囊x5000, 结晶500, 对应被污染武器x1

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