Mir3SEA - Vanilla Server

We are back and bringing you our third server, Mir3SEA – Vanilla
Server Location: Singapore
Timezone: GMT+8
Beta Period: 16th March 2023 9:00pm until 31th March 2023 9:00pm (GMT+8)
Exp : Custom (Low)
Drop : Custom (Low)
Monster Respawn : Custom

During Beta: Instant Lv 75, 20M Gold and 100k GG will be given

Three Class Server (No Assassin)
– Warrior
– Wizard
– Taoist

Weapon System

  • Refine System

    • Before Weapon Max
      • Black Iron Ore refine at Sabuk and Mud Wall
    • After Weapon Max
      • Phantasmagoria Stone to refine weapon, maximum +53

        +1 Rate60%50%40%30%20%10%5%2.5%
        -1 Rate    35% -150% -160% -167.5% -1
  • Forge System
    • Hunt materials to forge weapon and accessories in Bichon Town (775,635)
  • Ultimate Weapon
    • Open Treasure Chest to gather material and make it
      • Treasure Chest can be hunt from Boss and Mini Boss
      • Whoever open a Treasure Chest will having a global announcement (to keep server transparency)
  • Stat Extractor System
    • Able to extract stats from equipment except weapon (can’t override stats)

Guild System

  • Limited to 12 persons per guild
    • Default guild is 6 persons, level up to max 12 persons
    • After we launched few servers previously we found out that two big guild can bring harmful damage to server, so this time we decided to limit 12 persons per guild for Sabuk war balancing
  • Change guild flag in game

Gameplay System

  • Every steps movement in game are fixed at 100ms each step
    • Previously we found out that people with lower ping can move quicker with Zircon, this is our solution 😛
  • Attack speed max 80, 10 in Vanilla is equal to 1 in Zircon. We make it more dynamic
  • Job skill according to Korea Mir Server (eg, Tao’s Thunder Kick)
  • Daily Instance Dungeon System
  • Navigate Npc In Map UI
  • Korea UI (not sure if you like it)
  • Smoothen gameplay renderer
  • 400 Daily Quest and Fame System (like Holley)
  • No Autoattack
  • Buff will not stop during offline(like how official server works)
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