April 17 Changelog 四月十七日更新目录

  • Removed Easter Event and Anniversary Event Mob
  • Special Body Hunting Event at The Wall ended.
  • Special Body Hunting Event III – Hunt Leopard II at Wolong area!
  • Rebirth Exp Death Drop is on back
  • Fixed D button pet kill player trigger Rebirth Exp Death Drop
  • Added Armour Special Refine in Bichon Karl NPC (172,252)
  • Added 4 New Item in game Essence I, Essence II, Essence III, Refinement Crystal
  • Exchange Essence II and Essence III in Bichon Karl NPC(172,252)
  • Essence I can be hunt in The Wall, Taishan and Tomb area (CTRL + W to check item drop)
  • The wall Boss having chance drop Refinement Crystal
  • 去除活动兔子怪物刷新
  • 长城太山皇陵怪物 增加  初级精华 物品掉落
  • 长城BOSS 增加 精炼结晶 物品掉落
  • 比奇县 装甲熔炉NPC(172,252) 增加 装甲精练功能 以及 精华合成功能
  • 月河卧龙 增加 豹足2炼体技能掉落
  • 修复D键宝宝杀人导致转生掉经验


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