October 24 Changelog 10月24日更新目录

  1. Added new map “Wannian Snow Plain”, Wannian Snow Plain, West of Wannian Snow Field, Northwest of Wannian Snow Field, Northeast of Wannian Snow Field, East of Wannian Snow Field 增加了新地图 万年雪原,万年雪原西部, 万年雪原西北部, 万年雪原东北部,万年雪原东部

2. New Item in game 新的装备

ItemNameCN ItemNameEN
龙渊项链 Dragon Yuan Necklace
龙渊手镯 Dragon Yuan Bracelet
龙渊戒指 Dragon Yuan Ring
龙耀项链 Dragon Yao Necklace
龙耀手镯 Dragon Yao Bracelet
龙耀戒指 Dragon Yao Ring
龙权项链 Dragon Quan Necklace
龙权手镯 Dragon Quan Bracelet
龙权戒指 Dragon Quan Ring
龙影项链 Dragon Shadow Necklace
龙影手镯 Dragon Shadow Bracelet
龙影戒指 Dragon Shadow Ring

3. Added new monster 新增怪兽

MonsterNameCN MonsterNameEN
万年雪原-冰雪冬草 Snow winter grass
万年雪原-蓝晶灵鹿 Blue Crystal spirit deer
万年雪原-雪山鬼動 Snow Mountain Ghost movement
万年雪原-黑熊兽 Black bear
万年雪原-白翼虎 White winged tiger
万年雪原-白狼 White Wolf
万年雪原-冰虎 Ice tiger
万年雪原-冰白女鬼 Ice white ghost
万年雪原-冰虎白魔兽 Ice tiger white Warcraft
堕落的冰霜巨龙 Fallen frost Dragon

4. Added Reset Orb that allow Superb Reset ( allow to reset weapon cooldown within 10 days) at Sabuk Keep Maddox NPC. 增加高级重设选项,可以重设cd少于10天的武器,需要“重设宝石”可以在商城购买

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