October 15

Manual Patch Link

For those who can't use launcher, u can download it here

New Skills

- Wizard New Skills "Elemental Hurricane"

New Skills

- Taoist New Skills "Dark Soul Prison"

How to get new skill books?

- Added "Elemental Hurricane", "Dark Soul Prison" and "Crushing Wave" inside cash shop
- Can get books from Monster Uma King Zuma King Black Palace Warlord Jinchon Warlord Chaos Knight Pachon The Chaos bringer Frost Lord Hwa Banyo Lord Guzak Jinchon Devil Black Palace Demon Winged Horror Enraged Emperor Sa'Woo Enraged Arch Lich Taedu Queen Of Dawn Chiwoo General Of East Chiwoo General Of West Dragon Lord Jin'Ryung Ferocious Ice Tiger Sama Prophet Tiger War Lord Azog Urukhia Chubarak Doom Claw Emperor Sa'Woo Fire Phoenix Dragonair Guardian Of Destroyer Guardian Of Distinct Guardian Of Illusion Guardian Of Phantom

Added Box of Crystal

- New Cash Shop item Box of Crystal is now selling in cash shop

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