Drop Rate: X5

Class Balance

Class balance is of utmost importance to us. Legend of Mir III SEA will slowly balancing classes like Korean Server do.

English/Chinese Support

Legend of Mir III SEA aim to serve people around the world to be able to playing together with two major language in the world.

Join over a million people

The most recent release of the Asian hit franchise, Legend of Mir III SEA(mir3sea.com), is being released worldwide in English and Chinese on March 3.  

Originally released across Asia in 2003, the Mir franchise remains one of the top Asian MMORPGs and is known for its style, great game balance, and appeal to all types of MMOG players.
Four character classes with deep skill trees, guilds and siege battles, dynamic PvP and PvE, crafting, and a huge world map with thousands of concurrent users makes this one of the most exciting free to play MMOGs in the world. 
For players who want a little more, a microtransaction model allows players to purchase in-game items that they can use while playing.  From customizing your in-game character to items that help your play, there’s something for everyone in the in-game store.
This all-new version with updated features and new Chinese translation will be a joy to old fans, and something exciting to discover for those new to the Mir universe.  We also made improvements to the server and relocated them for a better play experience for players in South East Asia.
Hurry, March 3rd is just around the corner!
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