Mir3SEA-Eden 24th March Changelog

1st Anniversary & Easter Event(Good for new comers to catch up) Duration: 24th March until 14th April 2021

Easter Event

  • Easter Egg Hunt
    • Pink Egg – Get Low Level Skill Book
    • Red Egg – Get Mid Level Skill Book
    • Purple Egg- Get High Level Skill Book
    • Golden Egg – Get Weapon Refine Materials
    • Colorful Egg – Can Get Special Body Book
  • Easter Set
    • New Comers can get a beginner Easter Set equipments
  • Easter New Mobs
    • Added two mobs “Easter Rabbit” and “Ordinary Rabbit”
  • Easter Special Items
    • Hunting Easter Mobs can get two special Easter items
Easter Bunny
Clover Medal
  • Easter Gift Box
    • Able to Get Strong Weapon (except Undersea World Weapon)
Easter Gift Box

Anniversary Event

  • Anniversary Trophy Quest
    • Required Material 30x Piece of Glass, 10x Oil Of Benediction, 10x Oil Of Conservation
  • Anniversary Token 1 sold in cash shop for 5750gg, able to exchange 15000 Fragment III and 600 Crystal at Event Manager in Bichon Town.
  • Anniversary Token 2 sold in cash shop for 1100gg, able to exchange one Refine Extractor.

Gameplay Changes

  • Paralysis Chance status changed from PVE/PVP to PvE only.
  • Added new status Paralysis Chance(PVP) which only available in Loop of Paralysis.
  • Freezing Rain PvP damage reduced 15%.
  • Freezing Rain PvE damage increased 15%
  • Dark Soul Prison PvE damage increased 15%
  • Enabled RT at The Wall area and Wolong area
  • Special Body hunting event in Tao Garden is ended.
  • Special Body Hunting Event II – Hunt Dragon Mastery I at The Wall area until 14th April.

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