June 3

Manual Patch Link

For those who can't use launcher, u can download it here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nv3pFO4mwSoT5FRV4c7dRhJtf5a41Ifi

Weekly Special Map Event

This week special maps which is: - Frost Dungeon all level having 200% Exp Buff, 100% Drop Buff and 50% Gold Buff.

All Map Buff Removed

Only Weekly Special Map have map buff, all others map had removed map buff.

Cash Shop

Added Scroll of Boss Tracking into cash shop. This item used to track boss in map for certain time.

New Maps

Dream Swamp – Located at top right of Lost Paradise Forest. Coordinate <50, 71> Teleport to new map Tao Garden

Tao Garden Staircase – Place to hunt new weapon and armor

Tao Garden Road – New boss “Fire Phoenix” spawns here! Place to hunt new weapon, armor and accessories

New Items

List of New Items: Unbreakable Troll,Fuxi Helmet,Crown of the Queen,Battle Armour of Biyu (M),Battle Armour of Biyu (F),Fuxi Shoes,Ancient King Necklace,Ancient King Bracelet,Ancient King Ring,Blade of The Immortal,Crown of Light (M),Crown of Light (F),Tian Yu Robe (M),Tian Yu Robe (F),Shennong’s BootsShennong’s NecklaceShennong’s BraceletShennong’s RingWillbreakerEmperor Flower HelmetTaizu CrownNvwa ShoesNvwa NecklaceNvwa BraceletNvwa RingSinister Cloth Mantle (M)Sinister Cloth Mantle (F)Blood TearsRetribution Coif of Cataclysms (M)Retribution Coif of Cataclysms (F)Agamemnon ShoesAgamemnon NecklaceAgamemnon BraceletAgamemnon RingAgamemnon Body Armor (M)Agamemnon Body Armor (F)

New Monster

Fire Phoenix

Light Knight & Abyss Knight – Drop new warrior, wizard, Taoist, Assassin weapon

Flora & Ownage Flora – Drop new accessories and armour

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