June 14

Manual Patch Link

For those who can't use launcher, u can download it here

Weekly Special Map Event

This week special maps which is: - Despair Valley and Red Moon Valley all level having 200% Exp Buff, 100% Drop Buff and 50% Gold Buff.

Map Buff is back!

Southern Wall, Lost Way, Quartz Mine, Abandoned Town and Forgotten Monastery map buff is back!

Item Reworked

Wooden Shield weight reduced from 5 to 1.

Tao Garden Drop Reworked

Tao Garden Mob and Boss drop are all reworked, can hunt book 65lv+ at Tao Garden!

Cash Shop

Added Warrior Liquor, Taoist Liquor, Wizard Liquor and Assassin Liquor to stronger your power!
Added Package of Cube - Get 6 colors of cube when open it!

Weekend Double Exp Event

Weekend Exp Boost starts at June 15 0:00am until June 16 11:59pm(GMT+8)

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