June 1, 2021 Changelog 6月1日更新目录

Memorial Day Event 陣亡將士紀念日 活动

Collect Wood and Flag to exchange new Horse Armour “Bloody Horse Armour” for 14 days in Event NPC. CTRL+W to check Wood and Flag drop details.

收集“木材”及“旗帜”以换取14日的新马凯“铁血军魂“。Ctrl+W以查询木材及 旗帜 的爆率资料。

Wood 木材
Flag 旗帜

Permanent Bloody Horse Armour also available in Cash Shop.

Drop Update 爆率更新

  • Huge increase of Drop Rate in Undersea World and Quartz Mine 大幅度提高海底及矿晶爆率
  • Quartz Mine Monster is now drop Essense I and Essense II 矿晶一带的怪物开始爆出初级精华及中级精华

Armour Master Refine Update 衣服精炼更新

  • Armour Master Refine is now able to add Health and Mana. Each master refine add 10 HP / 10 Mana. 衣服精炼支持加HP 及 MP,每次提升—+10。
  • Armour Refine Extractor is now available in Cash Shop. Able to move Armour Master Refine stat to another armour. 盔甲精炼提取器已经上市,可以在商城购买移出衣服精炼属性。
  • Armour Refine Pack can exchange 10k Essense III, 4k Essense II, and 2k Essense I at Event NPC, get it from cash shop now! 精华礼包可以兑换2k初级精华,4k中级精华,及10k高级精华。

Minor Balance 微调整

  • Warrior Maelstorm Blade Min damage lowered 20%. 屠龙斩最低攻击降低20%。
    • Example Previous dmg random from 200 to 400. Now become random from 160 to 400. 比方说之前攻击随机200~400,现在变成攻击随机160至400。
  • Assassin SwordOfVengeance Min Damage lowered 10%. 业火最低攻击降低10%。
  • Wizard Freezing Rain Max Damage increased 5%, Min damage remained. 法师冰雨最高伤害增加5%,最低伤害不变。

Weekend Event 周末活动

We will held an boss hunting event this coming Sunday 6th June 10PM(GMT+8). Lets meet at Lost Paraside 166,234!

我们在来临6月6日晚上10时会有打boss活动, 失乐园166,234见!

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