Legend Of Mir III SEA Game Guide

Most frequent questions and answers

How to Leveling?

Follow the quests at the start. The quests will move you through the progression of difficulty and reward you with  gold and experience each time you complete one.

Where to hunt item?

Each of the quest level will take you to places that drop items approximate for your level.


Where to Leveling?

You will be killing mobs around town, then Yetis then Wolves and Snakes.

Next is Bichon Cave, then zombie in Deserted Mine then Carved Stone Tomb.

Then the various palaces Black Palace.

In between you can go to Phantom Forest and Lost Paradise Forest.

You can also go to Banya Island once you can kill in Phantom Forest.

Where to hunt books?

Books drop in Bichon Cave and Deserted Mines up to level 40

40+ books drop in Western Desert Cave.

65+ books drop on Dragon Abyss.

75+ books drop from any of the higher subs


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