Legend of Mir III SEA Second server

"Eden" New Journey Begins

1 X
Exp Rate
1 X
Drop rate
1 %
Original Gameplay

New Game Event

Introducing Battle Royale System in Legend of Mir III SEA. Player who survive able to get luxury rewards! 

Anti Bot System

We absolutely anti third party macro and bot. Hence there are anti bot system!

Better Item Navigation

Legend of Mir III biggest question, where can I hunt that item? We now can easily track the item drop in game by clicking “CTRL+W”

Fall In Love With Eden Server

Balance Job

All Job are balanced so that u can have better game experience.

Multilingual & translatable

Most stable multilingual Legend of Mir III server in the world.

D button is back!

Most of Mir3G player should love this! Leveling Pet is also here to serve you!

Support In Game Auto Attack

This feature been implemented! Due to most of the SEA player also having 8-5 working hours, this feature will be unlock soon! Currently no plan to enable it.

Improved Marketplace

Marketplace can now trade item by Gamegold, for player who can't purchase Gamegold u now can get it by selling in game item!

Easy to use interface

Support modern PC, resolution up to 1080p!

Server Schedule

We will release new map according to schedule below

21 March 2020Frost Holy Palace, The Lair, Dragon Abyss, Toxic Lands, Temple Wolong
21 April 2020Yurin Forest
21 May 2020Tao Garden Paradise
21 June 2020Mount Taishan
21 July 2020The Great Wall
21 August 2020Emperor Tomb
21 September 2020Abandoned Town
21 October 2020Quartz Mine
21 November 2020Undersea World
21 December 2020Horse racing Island
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