April 6 Update Changelog


Max Level Cap

Max level Cap is now changed to 86 level from 85 level.

Guild Buff Update 1

Group with different guild member will not no longer remove guild buff.

Guild Buff Update 2

Stat for Guild members less than equal 30 members +30% Exp rate, Drop Rate, and Gold Rate. Stat for Guild members more than 30 member and less than equal 45 members +23% Exp rate, Drop Rate, and Gold Rate.

Rebirth System

Requirement for rebirth

You can rebirth when u reach level 86.

Getting Stronger through Rebirth

x20% More Damage in PvE
x10% More Damage in PvP
+20% More Drop Rate
+20% More Gold Rate

Maximum Rebirth

Maximum number of Rebirth are 7 times!

Fixed Issue

Chinese Client Skill Display

Fixed some the skill display problem in chinese client.

Minimap Coordinate fixed

Minimap map X and Y coordinates was displaying wrong value, now had fixed. This enable user to find the door to Underworld Gate.

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