Month: March 2019

March 29 Updates

March 29 Updates! Fixed Issues Wrong Equipment Display Fixed Robes of the Titan Slayer (M) and Robes of the Titan Slayer (F) display bug. Combat Helper Issue Fixed auto skills failure causing by cannot apply auto skill on Lv0 skills. (Causing Celestial Light and Life Steal skills cannot use) Chinese Client Translation Fixed minor Chinese …

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March 22 Updates

March 22 Updates Changelog Added Auto Skill Feature Press A to use this feature. Other Changes Warrior Reworked Defiance: Grants 25% max AC and 30% max MR. Might: Grants 15% max DC. Shop Changes Removed Potion of Greed from Potion shop. Minor Translation Fixed Fixed some minor chinese translation errors.

March 13 Updates

UpdatesMarch 13 Cash Shop – Added Gold Chest in Cash Shop – Increased Iron Horse Armour, Iron Horse Armour, Gold Horse Armour, Blue Horse Armour, Dark Horse Armour duration from 7 days to 30 days Dev System – Enabled client version checker for both English and Chinese client – Level Cap at 85 Level until …

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